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Support Every User

Duo lets your users access their applications securely, no matter the circumstance. Employee left their phone at home? Need to authenticate without an internet connection? Want a passcode-free login experience? Check, check, check — Duo’s got you covered.

Duo Push

Duo Push is our most commonly used second-factor (2fa) authentication method, thanks to its simplicity and reliability. Users just download the Duo Mobile app and are automatically prompted to confirm each login attempt — all it takes is a single tap. For a more secure option, users can complete Verified Duo Push by entering a unique code from the login device on the Duo Mobile app. 

The New York Times Wirecutter named Duo the best 2FA app. Protect your accounts with the industry leader. Visit the link to learn why! 

WebAuthn and Biometrics

Duo allows users to physically authenticate by tapping a security key or using a built-in biometric authenticator, such as TouchID, via WebAuthn.

Tokens and Passcodes

Duo also accommodates more traditional second-factor authentication controls. Users can confirm their identity using a secure passcode generated by a physical token, a mobile device, or a network administrator.