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One-Tap Authentication With Duo Push

The Duo Mobile app delivers two-factor push notifications to your users' phones for fast and secure access that won’t slow them down.

Quickly Verify Identity

After logging in with username and password, users can choose Duo Push on the authentication prompt. Then, they can simply tap ‘Approve’ on the push notification they'll receive on their smartphone seconds later to securely access their application. 

Only a Touch Away

Duo Push is designed to make two-factor authentication simple and seamless for everyone, from anywhere. Integrations with the tools people already love — like the Apple Watch — help you secure more devices, without frustrating your users.

The New York Time Wirecutter says that Cisco Duo is the best 2FA app

Best 2FA App: Duo

Duo was named best two-factor authentication (2FA) app by the New York Times Wirecutter! Protect your online accounts with the most trusted security solution. Visit Wirecutter to find out why!

Other Multi-Factor Authentication Methods

There’s a solution for every situation.

Biometrics and Security Keys

Duo's multi-factor authentication solution taps into the power of security keys and biometric authentication methods, such as TouchID via WebAuthn, allowing users to leave the traditional passcode behind.

Tokens and Passcodes

Duo allows users to confirm their identity using a secure passcode generated by a physical token, a mobile device, or a network administrator.

Verified Duo Push

For a more secure push authentication, Verified Duo Push requires users to enter a code from the access device into the Duo mobile app. This allows organizations to boost their endpoint security, further preventing unauthorized access. 

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